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  • Week 1: Watch and implement session 1 and 2. You should then set up the platform assembly and wire the infra-red sensor along with motor shield.
  • Week 2: Watch and implement session 3. The given sketch will only make the maze move forward, but learning how to move and spin in all possible directions is very important. A good idea would be to learn how to spin 90 degrees and 180 degrees clockwise and anti-clockwise with correct delays, right now, so you can use them later on while turning on the maze.
  • Week 3: Watch and implement session 4. Get used to the sensor on the maze. You should observe and note down all possible combination of sensor lights in the different conditions - T cross section, right turn, left turn, veering etc. - so you can build the if statements accurately.
  • Week 4: Watch and implement session 5. Start moving the robot on the maze based on sensor readings. Try each of the movements individually - following a line, right turn at dead end, right turn at T intersection etc.
  • Week 5 and 6: Watch and implement session 6. By now you should be able to move the maze anywhere based on sensor readings. Write an algorithm for the basic right/left hand rule including all the movements you had written above in one piece of code.
  • Week 7 and 8: Try making the algorithm smarter if you want to and/or debug minor errors.

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