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Arduino Pong

Session 1-Getting the Hardware Put Together
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Pong Assembly  

In this session, you are simply putting the correct shields on the Arduino board.

Session 2-Getting the LCD Touchscreen Working
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LCD Touchscreen Tutorial  

LCD Libraries
In session 2, you will be importing the necessary libraries needed to operate the LCD Touchscreen. Then you will run a simple graphics program to make sure that you have done everything right.

Session 3-Making Custom Graphics on the LCD
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Pong Graphics Graphics_Pong

Session 4-Getting the Input Shield Working!
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 Input Shield Tutorial 

You will notice that when you plug in your Input Shield there is a constant vibration. This is built into the shield and cannot be turned off because of pin overlap, so just don't worry about it =)

Session 5-Making the Computer Player move
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 Computer Player Help 

Session 6-Making Ball-Paddle Collisions
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 Making Ball-Paddle Collisions 

Session 7-Completing the Pong Game and Interface
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Complete Pong GameInterface tips 

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