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Session 1-Wiring the LCD Display to Your Arduino Board
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 Wiring Schematic 

In Session 1, you will be wiring the LCD display to your Arduino Board. Click on the link above to go to the Wiring Schematic. You will need the Arduino Board, Ethernet Shield, pin wires, 4050 resistor, tiny breadboard, and your LCD display will need to be soldered before you can begin. Ask your instructor about getting your LCD soldered up!

Note: On the page, it mentions that you need to connect White (A) to a 100 Ohm resistor on the breadboard, and then connect that to the 3V pin port on the Ethernet Shield. However, you can just connect White (A) to the 3V through the 4050 resistor. It also mentions that Brown (K) is the LED cathode, but on your LCD display, K is replaced by B, G, and R. They are also LED pins and can just be connected to ground like K is in the schematic.

Session 2-Implementing the Program
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Twitter Code Tutorial Twitter Code

In Session 2, you will be implementing the Twitter Code to get your project up and running! Your LCD should be fully soldered and connected to your Ethernet Shield (which should be connected on top of the Arduino Board).

You will download the LCD Library from the LCD Web Page

Note: you must change the name of the library to ST7565

And download the Twitter Code from the example on the Arduino Web Page in the table above.

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