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Important Dates

This course's text readings will cover Chapters 1 through 7, Appendix A and Appendix C. The following subsections are omitted (interested students can skim over them):

Date Topic Reading Homework assigned Homework due Solutions Project
22-Jan Introduction Ch 1 HW0 HW0
24-Jan Instructions 1 Ch 2.1-2.8 HW1 SOLN-HW1
29-Jan Instructions 2 Ch 2.10-2.14, 2.18-2.19
31-Jan Verilog Tutorial
5-Feb Arithmetic Ch 2.4, Ch 3.1-3.4
7-Feb Arithmetic 2 C.3-C.6 from appendix on CD HW2 HW1 SOLN-HW2 Form project team (Feb 8th)
12-Feb Performance Ch 1.4
14-Feb The processor: datapath Ch 4.1-4.3
19-Feb Control path Ch 4.4 HW3 HW2 SOLN-HW3
21-Feb Pipelining 1 Ch 4.5
26-Feb Pipelining 2 Ch 4.6 Project plan
28-Feb Pipelining 3 Ch 4.7
5-Mar Pipelining 4 Ch 4.8-4.11
7-Mar Miscellaneous HW4 HW3 SOLN-HW4 Design Review
12-Mar Mid term review
14-Mar Mid term 1
19-Mar Memory 1 Ch 5.1-5.2 HW5 HW4 SOLN-HW5
21-Mar Memory 2 Ch 5.3 Demo 1
26-Mar Spring break
28-Mar Spring break
2-Apr Cache implementation Ch 5.7
4-Apr Memory 3 Ch 5.4-5.6
9-Apr Memory 4
11-Apr Storage Ch 6.1-6.6
16-Apr Error correction codes See ECC handout Demo 2
18-Apr Advanced microprocessors (OOO) HW6 HW5 SOLN-HW6
23-Apr Multiprocessors Ch 5.8 and Ch 7.1-7.5
25-Apr GPU Appendix A
30-Apr Arithmetic 3 Ch 3.3-3.5
2-May Arithmetic 4
7-May Future
9-May Final review HW6
8-May Final demo Final demo
9-May Final Report Final report
13-May Final Exam
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