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  1.   1.  Karu

1.  Karu

Below is a pronunciation guide for my name. I am mostly known as Karu:

Karu: car-u

  car as in car
    u   as in z(oo)

My full name is Karthikeyan Sankaralingam, as pronounced below.

Karthikeyan: car-thi-kay-en

    car as in car
    thi as in thin
    kay as in Kay the name
    en  as in entry

Sankaralingam: san-cur-a-lin-gum

    san as in sun
    cur as in current
    a   as in among (align, assign)
    lin as in lint
    gum as in gum

You may use any combination of the below three words to address me :) Karu, Sankaralingam, Professor. The most meaningful ones are enumerated below.

  • Karu
  • Professor Karu
  • Sankaralingam
  • Professor Sankaralingam
  • Professor Karu Sankaralingam

Hear my name.

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