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  1. 1. Overview
  2. 2. Important notes
  3. 3. Account related queries

1.  Overview

We will use a bug tracking system for the class project. You are welcome to use this system before demo1 but **NOT REQUIRED**. You may ignore this until after demo1. This system is really easy to use and once you get a hang of it, it will tremendously increase your productivity and make your project progress more organized.

You are **REQUIRED** to use this system ***after** demo1.

You should have received an email telling you about a Mantis bug tracking account. Something like this:

From: Mantis Bug Tracker <>

Thank you for registering. You have account with username 'temp0'. In order to
complete your registration, visit the following URL (make sure it is entered as
the single line) and set your own access password:

If you didn't request any registration, ignore this message and nothing will happen.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Account Creation:
    1. Click on that URL, and you will prompted for a password. Use a reasonably secure password. Do NOT use the 2008 or your CS password.
    2. Your account name on the bug tracking system will be your CS account name. Your email address will be whatever email address you provided on the project sign up page. Your password will be the password you created in step 2.
    3. Your project partner and you will be assigned automatically to a project whose name will be the team name you provided. You will both be allowed to report and resolve bugs. If you see any discrepancies, mail the TA.
  2. Account Use:
    1. You are required to use this system to keep track of bugs as you discover them in your design and resolve them. The recommended steps are:
      1. Discover a bug, while running a test case. say Partner A.
      2. Report bug into system by Partner A. Create clear description.
      3. If you believe bug is due to Partner B or responsibility of partner B, assign to Partner B.
      4. Assigned partner will get email, saying bug assigned.
      5. Assignee logs in, replicates bug, and fixes it.
      6. When fixed, mark bug as resolved. Add clear description of how bug was fixed.

You can use your discretion on whether to report really trivial bugs into this system.

2.  Important notes

3.  Account related queries

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