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Homework 3 electronic submission instructions


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For this homework we will use the CS systems handin program. handin documentation. is here. Below is the information for this assignment:

  • <class_name> cs752-1
  • <assignment_name> hw3
  • Problem 1: Submit a tgz of the source files you wrote (for part a and c). Your file must be called hw3-p1.tgz
  • Problem 2: Submit tgz of the file (or files) you write. Your file must be called hw3-p2.tgz
  • Problem 3: Submit a tgz of the files you modified in sim-fast. Your file must be called hw3-p3.tgz.
  • Problem 4: Submit a tgz of your branch predictor. File must be called bpred.tgz.
  • Problem 5: No electronic files to be submitted.

If you are unfamiliar with the handin system, talk to Marc.

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