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  1. 1. Karu

1.  Karu

Below is a pronunciation guide for my name. I am mostly known as Karu:

Karu: car-u

  car as in car
    u   as in z(oo)

My full name is Karthikeyan Sankaralingam, as pronounced below.

Karthikeyan: car-thi-kay-en

    car as in car
    thi as in thin
    kay as in Kay the name
    en  as in entry

Sankaralingam: san-cur-a-lin-gum

    san as in sun
    cur as in current
    a   as in among (align, assign)
    lin as in lint
    gum as in gum

You may use any combination of the below three words to address me happy smiley Karu, Sankaralingam, Professor. The most meaningful ones are enumerated below.

Hear my name.

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