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Sharing files between project members


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USE GIT! Use this tutorial to get started.

If you are not familiar with git, then use this hack below which will allow two people to work from a single directory and pray that you don't trample on each other's work.

BOTH partners have to run these commands.

1. Give permissions for your partner to access your mentor directory:

prompt% cd ~/mentor
prompt% afs_rseta ./ <partners username> write

This sets recursively all necessary AFS (the CS file system) ACL's (Access Control List). Example:

prompt% afs_rseta ./ mickey write

This gives Mickey write permission to mentor directory and its subdirectories

2. In your mentor directory, edit your .location file. At the end of the file add:

$<partners username> <full path to partners mentor directory>

Example: At the end of my .location file, I have added

$mickey /afs/

3. After adding this you should be able to access your partners materials, you will also want to setup some simlinks to make directory navigation easier

prompt % cd ~/mentor
prompt % ln -s <full path to partners mentor directory>  <partners username>

Example: I have linked to Mickey's directory by

prompt% ln -s /afs/ mickey

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