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svn status -u will print status for every file in a six-column format. The meanings of the codes are:

The first eight columns in the output are each one character wide. Columns 1 and 8 are the most meaningful for us.

Column1 Column 2 Column 3
Says if item was added, deleted, or otherwise changed
      ' ' no modifications
      'A' Added
      'C' Conflicted
      'D' Deleted
      'I' Ignored
      'M' Modified
      'R' Replaced
      'X' item is unversioned, but is used by an externals definition
      '?' item is not under version control
      '!' item is missing (removed by non-svn command) or incomplete
      '~' versioned item obstructed by some item of a different kind
Modifications of a file's or directory's properties
      ' ' no modifications
      'C' Conflicted
      'M' Modified
Whether the working copy directory is locked
      ' ' not locked
      'L' locked
Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
Scheduled commit will contain addition-with-history
      ' ' no history scheduled with commit
      '+' history scheduled with commit
Whether the item is switched relative to its parent
      ' ' normal
      'S' switched
Repository lock token
      ' ' not locked in repository, no lock token
      'K' locked in repository, lock toKen present
      'O' locked in repository, lock token in some Other working copy
      'T' locked in repository, lock token present but sTolen
      'B' not locked in repository, lock token present but Broken
Column 8
The out-of-date information appears in the eighth column:
      '*' a newer revision exists on the server
      ' ' the working copy is up to date

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