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Name-convention-check: script

Run the from a directory and it will check all verilog files in that directory. For example:


Checking file 16AND.v: ERROR: (name mismatch) Found module AND16 (expected 16AN
D) in 16AND.v, at line 1:module AND16(InA, InB, Out);

Checking file 16OR.v: ERROR: (name mismatch) Found module OR16 (expected 16OR)
in 16OR.v, at line 1:module OR16(InA, InB, Out);

Checking file 16XOR.v: ERROR: (name mismatch) Found module XOR16 (expected 16XO
R) in 16XOR.v, at line 1:module XOR16(InA, InB, Out);

Checking file ALU_hier.v: OK: Found module ALU_hier (expected ALU_hier) in ALU_
hier.v, at line 1:module ALU_hier(A, B, Cin, Op, invA, invB, sign, Out, OFL, Ze

Checking file ALU.v: OK: Found module ALU (expected ALU) in ALU.v, at line 1:mo
dule ALU(A, B, Cin, Op, invA, invB, sign, Out, OFL, Zero);

Checking file CLA1.v: OK: Found module CLA1 (expected CLA1) in CLA1.v, at line
1:module CLA1(A, B, Cin, G, P, Out);

Checking file CLA4.v: OK: Found module CLA4 (expected CLA4) in CLA4.v, at line
1:module CLA4(A, B, Cin, G, P, Out);

Examined 12 files, Found 3 errors
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