CS/ECE 752 Advanced Computer Architecture I

Spring 2007
Instructor: Karu Sankaralingam; URL: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~karu
Meeting time: MECH ENGR 1143, 01:00 PM - 02:15 PM, MWF
Office hours: Monday,Wednesday 3-4pm, Thursday: 11-12am
TA: Derek Hower
Course URL: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~karu/courses/cs752/Spring2007/
Mailing list: compsci752-1-s07@lists.wisc.edu



Weight: 5%


Students are expected to have completed the assigned readings before attending class and actively participate in discussions. Students are encouraged to form groups to discuss papers before class.


To facilitate great class discussions, students must submit an email review of selected papers at least 30 minutes before the lecture for which the paper is assigned. Late reviews will not be accepted.


Reviews should be emailed to the TA and me (drh5@cs.wisc.edu, karu@cs.wisc.edu) with:


* Subject: 752 Review of Author1 et al.: Title1.


The ASCII body of the message (NOT an attachment; NOT HTML) should be 20 to 40 lines (maximum 3200 characters) with:


  • a short paragraph summarizing the problem attacked or goal of the paper,
  • a short paragraph summarizing the paper's methods (if any) and results, and
  • a short paragraph giving your opinion of what is good and bad about the paper.


Reviews will be graded on a scale of Excellent (10 points), Satisfactory (7 points), and Unsatisfactory (3 points). Reviews that are too long will automatically receive an Unsatisfactory grade.


Students are encouraged to discuss the papers before writing their reviews, but each student must write their own independent review. Reading another student's review prior to submitting your own constitutes academic misconduct. I encourage you to use the Learn@UW discussion forums for discussing papers.


Paper review dates


Due: Date (Day), Review due. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 01/24/07 (Wed), Moore, Cramming More Components onto Integrated Circuits. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 01/26/07 (Fri), Patterson, Latency lags bandwith. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 01/31/07 (Wed), Colwell et al.,Instructions Sets and Beyond: Computers, Complexity, and Concurrency. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 01/31/07 (Wed), Burger et al.,Scaling to end of Silicon with EDGE architectures. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 02/02/07 (Fri), Emer and D. W. Clark. A Characterization of Processor Performance in the VAX-11/780. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 02/05/07 (Mon), Dan Ernst, et al., A Low-Power Pipeline Based on Circuit-Level Timing Speculation.. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 02/07/07 (Wed), Guri Sohi and S. Vajapeyam. Instruction Issue Logic for High-Performance, Interruptible, Multiple Functional Unit, Pipelined Computers,. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 02/12/07 (Mon), Hartstein and Puzak, Optimum Power/Performance Pipeline Depth. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 02/14/07 (Wed), T-Y. Yeh and Y. Patt. Two-level Adaptive Training Branch Prediction. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 02/16/07 (Fri), Yeager. The MIPS R10000 Superscalar Microprocessor. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 02/19/07 (Mon), Sethumadhavan et al., Scalable Hardware Memory Disambiguation for High-ILP Processors. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 02/23/07 (Fri), Joseph A. Fisher. Very Long Instruction Word architectures and the ELI-512. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 02/26/07 (Mon), C. McNairy and D. Soltis, Itanium 2 Processor Microarchitecture. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 02/28/07 (Wed), Norman P. Jouppi. Improving Direct-Mapped Cache Performance by the Addition of a Small Fully-Associative Cache and Prefetch Buffers. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 03/07/07 (Wed), Kim et al.,An Adaptive, Non-Uniform Cache Structure for Wire-Dominated On-Chip Caches. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 03/14/07 (Mon), Peter Vogt, Fully Buffered DIMM Server Memory Architecture. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 03/19/07 (Wed), Jacob and Trevor Mudge. Virtual Memory on Contemporary Processors. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 03/21/07 (Wed), Richard M. Russell. The Cray-1 Computer System. [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]
Due: 03/26/07 (Mon), David A. Patterson, Garth Gibson, and Randy H. Katz, A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID). [ Read reviews (txt, pdf) ]