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You should prepare a short conference-like presentation.

  • All talks will be approximately 5 minutes (4 minutes and 45 seconds).
  • They can be given by one team-member or by taking turns.
  • Slides are due by 5pm on the 13th
  • There will be a buzzer and you will be promptly cut-off at 5 minute. I recommend rehearsing at least once. When you rehearse make sure you finish in 4 minutes and 45 seconds.
  • Suggested format is below:

I will accept only powerpoint (PPT or PPTX) or PDF files. No other format will be accepted. Email the slides to me by 5pm on the 13th. The filename of the attachment must be TeamNumber-firstname0-firstname1.(ppt,pptx,pdf). Where

  • TeamNumber is a integer between 1 and 18. This is the number of your team from the Project teams page.
  • firstname0 is the first name of team-member 0 and so on.

For example, 1-Todd-Elizabeth.ppt would the file name that Team 1 uses.

If I receive files named in any other way, you will not be allowed to present. If there is no team member 1 then leave that out. Follow a natural extension if there is a third team member.


I recommend using 5 slides with the below format. Plan for a 5 minute talk. Rehearse at least once. Assume one minute per slide 1, 2, 3. And 45 seconds each for slide 4 and 5.

Slide 1: Motivation/Problem statement

         I highly recommend a picture

Slide 2: Insight

         You must have a picture

Slide 3: Design/Implementation (what you did)

         I highly recommend a picture
         You may use a 2nd slide here and spend 30 seconds on each slide

Slide 4: Experiment (30 seconds)

         You must have a picture

Slide 5: Key results (30 seconds)

         I highly-recommend a graph or table
         There should be one or two bullet points on the slide that summarize the key results

Deviations from format for Implementation-centric projects

You can consider having two slides on Design and get rid of the insight slide

Instead of experiment and key-results, I suggest one results slide alone (on that slide explain your experimental infrastructure using no more than 2 bullets). Your slide 5 should then be lessons learned.

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