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Weight: 15%

There will be 4 homework assignments and they will not be weighted equally. The approximate weights of each homework will be specified when the homework is handed out. Homeworks are due in class. Submit clearly legible hand-written or machine-printed homeworks. No late homeworks will be accepted.

All work is to be performed alone unless otherwise specified in the assignment. Violations of this policy will be subject to academic misconduct proceedings. I expect an individual homework submission from each student.

random.c for HW2

Date Homework assigned Homework due Solutions
6-Sep HW0
8-Sep HW1 HW0 SOLN-HW1
20-Sep HW2 HW1 SOLN-HW2
6-Oct HW3 HW2 SOLN-HW3
1-Nov HW4
15-Nov HW5 HW4 SOLN-HW4
1-Dec --- HW5 SOLN-HW5

HW3 handin instructions

We will use the handin system for problem 4. You must handin bpred.tgz. Use the following info:

  1. <class_name> cs752-1
  2. <assignment_name> hw3

One handin if you are doing this with your project partner is sufficient. Indicate in written homework, who your partner is.

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