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Lecture notes

I will make lecture notes available a week in advance (on Friday I will upload PDFs for the next week). They can be downloaded from a UW-madison computer ( domain).

Date Topic
6-Sep Intro, What is Computer Architecture, Technology Trends, Performance
8-Sep ISA overview
13-Sep Microarch basics
15-Sep Pin demo/Chisel demo
20-Sep Multi-issue, OOO execution
22-Sep gem5 demo 1
27-Sep Branch Prediction
29-Sep gem5 demo 2
4-Oct Memory Disambiguation
6-Oct Caches, multi-level caches, NUCA
11-Oct Caches, multi-level caches, NUCA
13-Oct OOO policies
18-Oct OOO policies
20-Oct OOO policies
25-Oct OOO policies
27-Oct zsim demo. McPAT demo
1-Nov Prefetching (L1, L2)
3-Nov Virtual memory/TLB
8-Nov Virtual memory/TLB
10-Nov DRAM/memory controllers
15-Nov Power analysis
17-Nov DRAMSim, Performance counters demo
22-Nov Vector processing/SIMD
24-Nov Thanksgiving
29-Nov GPU
1-Dec VLIW
6-Dec Accelerators 1
8-Dec Accelerators 2
13-Dec Project Presentations
15-Dec Project Presentations

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