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Proposals may be turned in earlier to get earlier feedback. Come and talk with me during my office hours or by appointment. Proposals should be about one-two pages long.I will accept only PDF documents. They should include:

  • Abstract
  • A description of your topic
  • Statement of why the topic is important
  • Your key insight
  • Outline of the design you are proposing (if applicable)
  • Methodology of evaluation
  • Metrics of evaluation
  • References to related work. The reader has pointers to many papers. See also the conferences page listed in the Online References. ISCA, MICRO, HPCA, PACT, ASPLOS and the important architecture conferences. Important journals in architecture include IEEE Micro, IEEE Computer, TACO, IEEE Transactions on Computers, ACM Transactions on Computer Systems.

Example proposal PDF

Example latex sources

How to submit

We will use the handin system for submitting proposals. You must handing a PDF file. Make sure you have directory with only this PDF file in that directory and give that directory as input to to the handin command. Details on handin here. Handin info:

  1. <class_name> cs752-1
  2. <assignment_name> proj-prop

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