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CS758: Building Microprocessors
Instructor: Karu Sankaralingam; URL:
Email: Include CS758 in subject line
Meeting time: T,Th: 9:30am to 10:45am, in 2540 ENGR HALL
Office hours: Tuesday: 10:45am to 1:00pm, by email appointment;
Course URL:

Building microprocessors is an art and science. This course essentially is about making a Lead Chip Designer out of all of you and to create Renaissance-style scientists who can understand and innovate at various different levels of a system. The course will be structured as design vignettes for building an actual processor. We will cover this in a bottom-up fashion from VLSI design principles, through building a compiler and everything in between. Main topics:

  • VLSI overview (transistor behavior, datapath design, VLSI design rules, Logical effort)
  • Design implementation (verilog design, synthesis, layout)
  • Design prototyping (FPGA prototyping)
  • ISA design
  • Compiling (Building a backend for a new machine)
  • Simulator design
  • Using performance counters and application tuning

The course will include four to five assignments and a final project.

Pre-requisites: CS/ECE 752
Taking 552, 757, or 555 can help but not required.

As you can tell from the syllabus, this version of 758 will be significantly different from previous offerings of 758.

Course page under construction...more details soon.

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