NCAA Basketball Tournament Predictor

Note: The 2007 tournament will be ready on Monday. I'm sure you all can wait a day to try using rather poorly constructed guesses. I'm updating and rewriting some of the code to try and generate better guesses. Thank you for your patience.

Welcome to the NCAA Basketball Tournament Predictor. This program pays no attention to the likes of Dick Vitale, RPI, record, cuteness of mascot, or any of that other nonsense. It uses the simple, unbiased approach of random (well, pseudorandom) numbers. Enjoy!

Let's make a prediction

  • Run the predictor. This also gives the option of downloading a prediction file so you can compare the results later.

  • Let's see how right or wrong it was

  • Compare the results of a valid prediction file to actual results. You can see how your randomly generated predictions turned out.
    Note: currently under construction.

  • Let's compare it to history

  • Runs the predictor for years past and sees how well the prediction went.
    Note: Under Construction, will probably be in this state for quite a while.

  • Other info

  • How this program works
  • Current version and revision information
  • Interesting stats (under construction)

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    Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

    DISCLAIMER: This program is to be used for recreational purposes only. It cannot and will not guarantee results. In fact, sometimes it has been blatantly wrong. This program is not to be used for gambling purposes of any kind. I, Peter Koczan, the author, am not responsible for any consequences of misuse of this program. Come on, people, use some common sense...they're random numbers, not divine revelation.

    Please note: I do keep ANONYMOUS usage statistics. No personal information will ever be recorded or asked of you.

    License and use agreement: You may copy the concept and idea in writing your own version. However, I will NOT supply any source code. I don't care if you steal my (probably not so original) idea, but I don't make any money off of this, neither should you.

    This program is neither endorsed by nor associated with the NCAA, March Madness, or anyone associated with them. NCAA, March Madness, are trademarks of their respective companies.

    2003-2006, Peter Koczan