This and that, but not the other

     Have you ever really hated something? I'm not talking about the lukewarm, uninspiring sort of hate that makes you curse and hit people. I'm talking about the rage that sets your blood on fire and gives you the power to destroy worlds. I've hated something that way, and it's the Microsoft Auto-Installation Wizard . If you are offended by cursing, and if you enjoy writing tiresome emails to the authors of offensive material, you are invited to skip this.

     Speaking of hating, no one does it better than my pal Yu Ping. In times past I've encouraged him to run for office, but to no avail.

     Sometimes I like to daydream about the way life could be.

     This was written during a particularly dark period in my undergraduate academic career.

      The obligatory quotes page .

      One of the requirements for being recognized as an experienced TA here at UW is to complete two three-hour courses that shamelessly describe themselves as "sensitivity training". In response to this, my former officemate Steve Hart suggested I write an essay entitled "Why I Hate People Who Don't Look And Think Like Me". That didn't quite happen, but this did.