As I started with Cisco, I should start with some new activities. Ballroom dancing may be a good choice.

I was very interested in computer game making.

I am a big fan of anime and comic, e. g. Gundam, Conan, Disney, Dreamworks. The most recent anime I focus on is Macross Frontier.

Among various sports, skating and badminton are my favorites.

piggy.JPG (09/2007) It's just a fun project to put collision detection into practice. I made a foosball game with support for two human players. The code is written in XNA Game Studio Express, and anyone must install XGS or XNA Framework to play it. Therefore I can't make any downloadable package but just source code (321KB).
piggy.JPG (08/2007) Have not done anything so far about the game because of lots things going on. Exactly speaking, I spent most of time doing research work and looking for internship. However there is pretty easy-using tool XNA developed by M$, which I guess could be useful.

(01/2007) This is a game I am developing. It's mainly about stories happened in cute piggy world. I have just done some taxing collision detection and skeleton animation. It's only a frame now. As I should go on with a lot of other stuff like classes, research projects, I will try to save as much time as possible to make this game. I will upload a demo when it can be played for a little bit.
krobin-4.jpg (12/2006) Final project for CS559. I grouped with cx (Liu, Chi Man) in this project and we did a totally crazy one. We wrote 16,000 lines of C++ code in one week (well, TA consulting occupied tons of our time that week). Basically we showed some graphics algorithm and technology in this project. We made all the models by ourselves with MilkShape3D and Google SketchUp. It's more like a hell city! Download the demo here (4.5MB)

Technical points we made:

- Octree for the whole scene
- Moving spiders with cage (Complex animation and behaviors)
- Cannon (Fake physics)
- Fountain (Partical system)
- Windmill (Articulation object)
- Spam (Butterfly Subdivision)
- Mountain (Fractal terrain)
- Flag (Fake physics and has our names on it)
- Hills (Level of details)
- Light towers (Local lights)
- light tower base (Bump mapping)
- Billboard trees

Here is the whole GALLERY

p2_roller.JPG (10/2006) Roller Coaster! The trail is built with C(2) B-Splines and can be interactively controlled with local control points. B-Splines are represented in both arc-length and parameterization methods. Integrate some hacks on shadows, physics. trails can be saved and loaded, so it's pretty cool to make complicated trails. The trail normals are modulated automatically and it's fun to see how normals change when trail is in really strange shape. Download the demo here (825KB)


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