-Meer Taqi 'Meer'

dekh to dil ki jaa.N se uThataa hai ,
ye dhuaa.N saa kahaa.N se uThataa hai!

gor kis dil-jale kii hai ye falak,
sholaa ik subah yaa.N se uThataa hai!

la.Datii hai us kii chashm-e-shoKh jahaa.N ,
ek aashob waa.N se uThataa hai!

yuu.N uThe aah us galii se ham,
jaise koii jahaa.N se uThataa hai!

ishq ik 'Meer' bhaarii paththar hai,
bojh kab naatavaa.N se uThataa hai!


From where does this smoke arise?
                                           -Meer Taqi 'Meer'
Is it  my heart or my life,
from where does this smoke arise?

Sky isn't but grave of a soul deprived,
how else could it erupt fire(sun) out of its bosom!

Whenver my eyes meet her wanton eyes,
I can feel a mutiny in my desires!

I left her and her abode as if,
someone was saying goodbye to his very life

Meer(the poet) says that love is a heavy stone resting right over your heart,
how can a person gifted with so less of will power expect to overpower it?