External WARTS: External Updates of the Wisconsin Architectural Research Tool Set

Some people have updated and improved WARTS programs. Other people have make changes that they believe will interest others. We do not have the time to verify improvements or integrate all of the improvements from multiple sources. However, we agree that many improvements would be valuable to others if others knew about them.

Below is a list of externally-contibuted improvements to WARTS programs. Use them at your own risk. We accept no liability for the use or mis-use of these updates. In particular, we have not checked whether they work as claimed, whether documentation is adequate, or whether licenses (if any) are reasonable.

If you wish to contribute an improvement, email warts@cs.wisc.edu with a URL and a title (state which WARTS program you modify).

  • QPT and QPT2, Program profiling and tracing system.
  • CPROF, Cache performance profiler.
  • Tycho and dineroIII, Cache simulators.
  • EEL, Library for editing executable files.

    QPT and QPT2


    Tycho and dineroIII


    Last modified: May 14 1996 by James Larus