Discussion: Highlights


Code and quizzes from discussion will be posted here.

11/28 - Discussion 12: Quiz 8 without answers. More talking about project 5, with details on NFS to be given in class on the 29th.

11/21 - Discussion 11: Quiz 7 without answers. The rest of discussion concerned project 5.

11/14 - Discussion 10: Quiz 6 without answers. Also an example of accessing file size is here.

10/31 - Discussion 8: Quiz 5 without answers - might be a little tricky, so think about it!

10/24 - Discussion 7: No quiz, just reviewed for midterm.

10/17 - Discussion 6: Quiz 4 without answers. We spent the discussion going over some questions from Piazza and office hours about P3.

10/10 - Discussion 5: No quiz this week; just went through how to build a basic multithreaded program from the ground up.

09/26 - Discussion 4: Quiz 3 without answers as usual. Here's an additional version of problem 2 for practice; I'll give the answers at the end of class on Tuesday but I won't be working through it.

09/19 - Discussion 3: Quiz 2 without answers. We also discussed using makefiles to compile more complex projects (getline.c, strindex.c, main.c). Compile with the Makefile:

% make
gcc -O -Wall -c getline.c
gcc -O -Wall -c strindex.c
gcc -O -Wall -c main.c
gcc -o woulda main.o getline.o strindex.o
and run with input file:
% ./woulda < input
Ah Love! could you and I with Fate conspire
Would not we shatter it to bits -- and then
Re-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire!

09/12 - Discussion 2: Quiz 1 without answers, so if you weren't in discussion, go figure them out; qsort.c, a quick example program for using qsort()

09/05 - Discussion 1: hw.c, a Hello World! program; math.c, an example using math.h functions; buggy.c, a gdb example