Progress Report - 1 Jun 2007

1. What were my goals for this week?

2. What did I accomplish this week?

3. Why are numbers 1 and 2 different?

Not all that different; primarily did not have as comfortable a grasp on the existing information to sit down and really pick Aaron's or George's brain. Didn't quite get Ono's site finished because of time constraints, but that should be off my shoulders by Monday so I can concentrate on research. Not sure why my .xpprofile broke; the lab has been emailed and hopefully they're figuring it out.

4. What are my goals for next week?

5. How does this fit in my bigger picture?

Getting a basic, foundational picture of the elements I will be exploring in the future, as well as just getting comfortable with the ideas I will use.

6. What did I read this week?