Progress Report - 15 Jun 2007

1. What were my goals for this week?

2. What did I accomplish this week?

3. Why are numbers 1 and 2 different?

Spoke with Mike on Monday regarding aims for the week, and instead of continuing the literature search, decided to change course toward implementation. As I hadn't done this sort of affine transform calculation (all prior math experience was with ideal situations using basis vectors), I needed to do a fairly extensive search through textbooks and internet resources regarding methods and tricks in Matlab and in general, which took longer than expected, and resulted in me being unable to design or implement even a simple clustering algorithm. It's on the to-do list for next week.

Also ended up getting very little done Friday afternoon as the Registrar and the math department apparently weren't in very good communication, and I had to spend a good hour sorting out whether I actually got to graduate or not, which was a bit on the emotionally taxing side and kind of sapped the rest of my motivation for the afternoon.

4. What are my goals for next week?

5. How does this fit in my bigger picture?

Get some basis images in two dimensions to build on later with a more general model in three dimensions (the proteins). Also develop a base program from which to develop the next stage of the calculations and images.

6. What did I read this week?