Progress Report - 20 Jul 2007

1. What were my goals for this week?

2. What did I accomplish this week?

3. Why are numbers 1 and 2 different?

Got hung up on C++ again, but I think I'm getting back into things. The file reading is going to be obnoxious - I can't get mmdb to build properly with the Molecule project and I think just leaving for now instead of wrestling with the ideal of testing on real data is going to be better in the long run. Hopefully either Aaron will be in on Monday or I'll have figured out how to get mmdb_manager.h to include properly when Molecule builds.

Didn't actually get around to implementing other clustering algorithms in favor of using k-means as an exercise to get back into the proper mindset for implementing in C++.

4. What are my goals for next week?

5. How does this fit in my bigger picture?

Extensions of this project will help with the motion representation - if we can cluster by motion AND position, it should be easier to come up with a good representation of the global motion of the cluster.

6. What did I read this week?