Border Control: Sandboxing Accelerators

This page is intended to provide information on how to run the experiments for Border Control: Sandboxing Accelerators, published in MICRO 2015. The goal is that anyone who wants to try to reproduce or modify our work can at least get a start here. However, new projects should likely start from the gem5 and gem5-gpu baseline, rather than building off of this code. Questions are welcome at

General Information

The simulation infrastructure that we used is gem5-gpu. It can be a little difficult to build, so I recommend making sure it builds and runs without the Border Control-specific changes first. Some of the additional patches were unrelated to Border Control but are needed to run our workloads; we thank Joel Hestness for the patches where he is listed as author.

How to get the Code

gem5 revision: 3a87241adfb8
gem5-gpu revision: 39259afef456
Border Control / additional gem5 patches: download
Border Control / additional gem5-gpu patches: download
Disk images: linux-x86.img, child