About Me

I am from Cross Plains, Wisconsin. I am currently studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I am a junior currently pursing majors in Computer Science and Mathematics as well as a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. I expect to graduate in May of 2020.


Subject Number Name Taken
Computer Science 302 Intro to Computer Programming COMPLETE
Computer Science 304 Wisconsin Emerging Scholars - CS Meeting COMPLETE
Math 221 Calculus & Analytic Geometry 1 COMPLETE
Computer Science 367 Intro to Data Structures COMPLETE
Math 222 Calculus & Analytic Geometry 2 COMPLETE
Computer Science 252 Intro to Computer Engineering COMPLETE
Computer Science 240 Intro to Discrete Mathematics COMPLETE
Computer Science 354 Machine Organization & Programming COMPLETE
Computer Science 537 Intro to Operating Systems IN PROGRESS
Math 234 Calculus--Functions of Several Variables IN PROGRESS
Math 340 Elementary Matrix & Linear Algebra IN PROGRESS
Entrepreneurship 322 Intro to Entrepreneurial Management IN PROGRESS
Computer Science 425 Intro to Combinatorial Optimizatiom PLANNED
Computer Science 577 Intro to Algorithms PLANNED
Computer Science 435 Intro to Cryptography PLANNED
Computer Science 425 Intro to Combinatorial Optimizatiom PLANNED
Entrepreneurship 245 Technology & Society PLANNED
Computer Science 525 Linear Programming Methods PLANNED
Computer Science 540 Intro to Artificial Intelligence PLANNED
Math 475 Intro to Combinatorics PLANNED
Math 309 Intro to Probability & Mathematical Statistics I PLANNED
Entrepreneurship 310 Fundamentals of Accounting & Finance for Non-Business Majors PLANNED
Entrepreneurship 310 Intro to Media Production PLANNED
Math 513 Numerical Linear Algebra PLANNED
Entrepreneurship 243 Ethics in Business PLANNED
Computer Science 506 Software Engineering PLANNED