CS766 Project: Image Deblurring

Team Member: Liang Zhang (lzhang432)

Project Proposal:
Project Proposal, Created at April 2, 2017
Project Mid-term report:
Project Mid-Term Report, Created at April 7, 2017

Image blur is often caused by camera shake when taking the photos. As mobile photes, digital cameras and GoPros are already very common in use to take photos, and camera shake are inevitalbe, a lot of images are blured. The blur images are undesirable, sometimes the user are able to delete the blur image and retake a new photo. However, oftern the time, the capture moments are difficult to reproduce (for example, photots that were token by GoPros when the user who were skiing, or photots the were token by drone, like Dajiang). At such time, removing the blur and highly desired. Deblurring to generate higher-quality images are demanded and in greate need.

Example of Deblurring

Sample Code:
Sample Code, Coming Soon
Related Publications:
Blind Image Deblurring Using Dark Channel Prior, IEEE Conference on Computer Vison and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2016
Last Changed: April 07, 2017