Miaka from Fushigi Yugi


  1. Volunteerism
    • Tutor in math and science with United Way, 2 years
    • Choir director and music leader, 1 year

      Picture of Choir Members

    • Children's music director, 1 year
    • Handbell choir director, 1 year
    • Bible Study leader, 2 years
    • Member of JCP&L, singer 3 years

      Picture of JCP&L members

    • Served upon Pastor/Parish Committee, twice (3 year terms)
    • Served upon hiring committee for Analytic Chemistry Professor, 3 years
  2. Anime
    • Just come and look at my office! I have lots of animation cells on my walls.
    • Favorite Series: Fushigi Yugi
  3. My cats
    • Chaucer: orange and white tabby
    • Whisper: tortiseshell

      Picture of cat Whisper

  4. Reading
    • Favorite Sci/Fi Author: Issac Asimov
    • Favorite Fantasy Author: Mercedes Lackey
    • Favorite Mystery Author: Lillian Jackson Braun

Personal Facts