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This course should meet for two lectures for fifteen weeks. I have scheduled three lecture slots to front-load the course to enable better projects and to accommodate some travel. Thus, approximately fifteen lectures will be cancelled.

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Day/Date Topic Content
Mon 1/18 No Class Yet MLK Day
Wed 1/20 Introduction Read CCC Whitepaper12
Read Sutter&Larus Queue05
Reference Hill Keynote14 (slides 1-24)
Reference Fuller NAP11
Fri 1/22 752 Highlights Reference 752 Highlights
Review Kongetira et al. Micro05
Reference Laudon Niagara 2006 Slides
Mon 1/25 Introduction Due Homework 0
Review Hillis&Steele CACM86
Skim LLNL Tutorial
Wed 1/27 Programming Review Dagum/Menon CSE98
Skim LLNL OpenMP Tutorial
Reference OpenMP 838 Lecture Notes
Reference OpenMP Home Page
Fri 1/29 No Class
Mon 2/01 Programming Review Scott Synthesis13 Sections 1.0-1.4, 4.0-4.3.3, 5.0-5.2.5 Errata
Skim LLNL pThreads Tutorial
Reference pThreads 838 Lecture Notes
Reference pThreads Home Page
Reference eg_pthread.c
Wed 2/03 Methods 1 Review Woo et al. ISCA95
Read Hill&Marty Computer08
Skim Esmaeilzadeh et al. CACM13
Reference Hill AmdahlTalk10
Reference Blem Video13
Reference Bienia&Li MBS09
Fri 2/05 Programming Due Homework 1
Skim LLNL MPI Tutorial
Reference MPI 838 Lecture Notes
Reference MPI Standard
Mon 2/08 Consistency Read Sorin et al. Synthesis11 Chapter 2
Review Sorin et al. Synthesis11 Chapter 3
Read Lamport TransComputer79
Wed 2/10 Consistency Review Sorin et al. Synthesis11 Chapter 4
Skim Sewell et al. CACM10
Read Sorin et al. Synthesis11 5.1-5.2 (to anticipate next class)
Fri 2/12 No Class
Mon 2/15 Consistency Due Homework 2
Review Sorin et al. Synthesis11 Chapter 5
Skim Boehm&Adve PLDI08
Reference Adve&Gharachorloo Computer96
Reference Manson et al. POPL05
Wed 2/17 Coherence 1 Read Sorin et al. Synthesis11 Chapter 6
Review Sorin et al. Synthesis11 Chapter 7
Fri 2/19 Coherence 1 Review Zhang et al. MICRO15
Read Hammond Micro00
Lecture notes Zhang et al. Slides15
Reference Charlesworth Micro98
Reference Hill Computer98
Mon 2/22 Methods 2 Read Ferdman et al. ASPLOS12 (update?)
Review gem5 CAN11
Lecture notes gem5 Tutorial12 (short)
Reference gem tutorial15
Reference gem5 Tutorial12 (long)
Reference gem5 home page
Wed 2/24 Exam 1
Fri 2/26 No Class
Mon 2/29 Coherence 2 Due Homework 3
Review Sorin et al. Synthesis11 Chapter 8

Read Laudon&Lenoski ISCA97
Reference Sorin et al. TPDS02
Reference Example coherence controllers

Wed 3/02 Coherence 2 Review Sorin et al. Synthesis11 Chapter 9
Read Pelley et al. ISCA14
Lecture notes Pelley et al. Slides14
Reference Kolli et al. NVM15
Reference Zhang&Asanovic ISCA05
Reference Victim Replications Slides
Reference Martin et al. CACM12
Reference Hill Talk12
Fri 3/04 Transactional Memory Review Moore et al. HPCA06
Lecture notes LogTM talk
Skim Herlihy&Moss ISCA93
Reference Scott Synthesis13 Chapter 9.0-9.2.3
Reference Yoo et al. SC13
Reference Harris et al. Synthesis10
Mon 3/07 SIMD Review Tucker&Robertson Computer88
Read Leiserson et al. JPDC95
Reference Sifakis Notes12
Reference Wikipedia SIMD
Reference Gokhale et al. Computer95
Wed 3/09 Graphics Processing Units

Review Kim et al. Synthesis12 Chapter 1
Lecture Notes Hower Notes13
Reference Nickolls&Dally Computer07
Reference Hennessy&Patterson AQA11 GPU Rosetta Stone

Fri 3/11 Graphics Processing Units Due Project Proposal
Review Bakhoda et al. ISPASS09
Read Hechtman et al. HPCA14
Lecture Notes Slides
Reference NVidia CUDA Programming
Reference Illinois CUDA Slides
Reference Hower et al. HPCA14
Mon 3/14 No Class
Wed 3/16 No Class
Fri 3/18 No Class
Mon 3/21 No Class Spring Break
Wed 3/23 No Class Spring Break
Fri 3/25 No Class Spring Break
Mon 3/28 No Class
Wed 3/30 Scalable Systems Review Barroso&Hölzle, Synthesis13 Chapter 1
Skim Barroso&Hölzle, Synthesis13 Chapters 2 & 3
Read Kanev et al., ISCA15
Reference Desai et al. IBMJR&D05
Reference Seamicro HotCHips11
Reference Kanev et al., Slides15
Reference Barroso et al. Micro03
Reference Dean&Ghemawat OSDI04
Fri 4/01 Scalable Systems Review Scott ASPLOS96
Lecture notes Keckler Keynote Micro11
Lecture notes Sodani Keynote Micro11
Lecture notes Sodani Keynote HPCA16
Old Lecture notes Koch LANL08
Reference Top500url
Mon 4/04 Interconnects Read Hennessy&Patterson AQA4ed Sections E.1-4
Lecture notes 3 Lectures on ICNs (ppt)
Lecture notes 3 Lectures on ICNs (pdf)
Wed 4/06 Interconnects Due Project Progress Report
Read Hennessy&Patterson AQA4ed Sections E.5-8
Lectures notes continue from previous lecture.
Fri 4/08 Interconnects Review Enright-Jerger&Peh, Synthesis09 chapters 1-2
Read Kim et al. ISCA05
Reference Jerger Slides12
Reference Mukherjee et al. Micro02
Mon 4/11 Blue Sky Discussion Lecture notes Black MICRO13
Lecture notes Hower et al. ASPLOS14 (pptx)
Lecture notes Novakovic et al. ASPLOS14 (pptx)
Wed 4/13 Exam 2
Fri 4/15 No Class (Room unavailable due to Engr. EXPO)
Mon 4/18 No Class
Wed 4/20 No Class
Fri 4/22 No Class
Mon 4/25 No Class
Wed 4/27 No Class
Fri 4/29 No Class
Mon 5/02 Project Talks I Starting at 12:30
Tue 5/03 Project Talks CANCELLED / Will start early Mon & Wed
Wed 5/04 Project Talks II Starting at 12:30
Fri 5/06 No Class Classes End
Wed 5/11 No Class Project Reports Due 8:59am (changed from Tue 5/10)

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