Joke #2: The Old Man
    One day, Moses, Jesus and a old man were playing golf.  They got to a water hole, and Moses was up to tee off first.  So, he took his shot, and it landed squarely in the water.  But Moses parted the water, took another shot, and landed next to the cup.

   Jesus was up next, and his shot ended up close to the same place.  But Jesus walked out onto the water, and took anouther shot.  He landed even closer to the cup.

    The old man stepped up, and took his shot.  He also landed in almost the same spot, in the middle of the water. But a frog came by, and picked up the ball.  It started to hop away when an eagle came swooping down on it, carrying it over the green.  As it flew over, the frog dropped the ball.  The ball then rolled into the hole for a perfect hole in one.

    Moses then turns to Jesus and says, "I hate playing golf with your father."

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