Pegged 2600!

Yes, ladies and gents, the Atari is still alive!  It is a little project I started with a lot of help from my friend John Harvey.  It is still underway, with a pretty good chunk done.  I doubt I will release the final version untill late summer.  However, it is almost ready for some beta testing.  I will post it here when it is ready, which I am hoping will be soon.  If you are interested in a copy, and want it mailed to you when it is ready, send me a message!

    4/25/00: Progress?  What is progress?  Expect it to be released early summer.  Finals are near!
    3/10/00: Classes are taking up much of my time, and I haven't looked at a line of code for weeks.  Fortunately, I am on spring break this entire week, so I hope to work on it some.
    2/13/00: Fixed level name bug
    1/30/00: Completed level name display
    1/28/00:  Posted this page
    12/99: Started this project.  John Harvey and I started writing the Kernel, which was very tricky.

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