Mayur Cherukuri


About Me:

I am a first year graduate student in Computer Science department at University of Wisconsin Madison. My areas of interest include Machine Learning, AI, Algorithms and Data Structures and Big Data analysis. Prior to pursuing my Master's I had 2 years of experience in Software development. During this time I gained expertise in full stack development working on various technologies namely Java, C++, HTML, Perl, Mason, Java Script etc.

Outside work I am a big time sports lover. I enjoy playing Cricket, Basketball(loayal to the Bulls) and Table Tennis.

Email: mcherukuri [at] wisc (dot) edu

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Work Experience


Wireless Sensor Network Optimizer

Developed a system for optimal positioning of sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks used for weather and war-zone monitoring using Evolutionary algorithms with an objective of optimizing various conflicting objectives like coverage, power consumption and lifetime which determine the efficacy and performance of the networks. This was acheived using evolutionary algorithms like NSGA-II and Ant Colonny Optimization

Booking System

Developed a successful iOS application (Ticket Dada) which allows users to browse, rate and buy tickets for movies in different languages

Robort Swarm

Programmed AVR microcontrollers in Embedded-C in partnership with Technophilia Systems, which were used to make a swarm of interacting bots which comminucated through RF communication modules

System Identification

This work on System Identification and Device Modelling has been done in Signals and Networks Laboratory-IIT Bhubaneswar using optimization methods like “Harmony Search and “Genetic Algorithms”


Designed a hashing algorithm which uses Huffman coding to create unique signatures for strings and compared collisions with established hashing schemes like DEK, PJW, BKDR, DJB and AP. Further reduced the collisions by Bloom Filter implementation


University of Wisconsin Madison

M.S. in Computer Science, University Of Wisconsin Madison, 2015 - 2017

Coursework Plan : Artificial Intelligence, Database Management, Introduction to Algorithms, Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis, Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures, Advanced Operating Systems, Pattern Recognition, Compiler Design

Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar

B.Tech in Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute Of Technology Bhubaneswar, 2009-2013

Courses taken : Programming and Data Structures, Computer Architecture and Operating Systems, Probability and Stochastic Processes, Soft Computing and Evolutionary Algorithms, Image and Video Processing