I am a postdoc at the UW Interactive Data Lab at the University of Washington Department of Computer Science, supervised by Jeff Heer, where I work in the area of information visualization. I am specifically interested if we can use the perceptual system to make people into natural statisticians: that is, can we present data in such a way that the statistical content of the data can be examined and estimated visually, even by viewers without a strong statistical background? In places where human decision-making is subject to perceptual or cognitive biases, can we de-bias the visual presentation of data?

I received my PhD. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Computer Sciences in August, 2015. As a PhD. student, I worked with Michael Gleicher in the UW Graphics Group, where I worked in the area of information visualization, especially in issues related to text analytics for the humanities. In addition I was also involved with the Digital Humanities working group.

My current research interests include the presentation of statistical data to non-experts, visualizations for the de-biasing of decision-making under uncertainty, and the digital humanities.

I am currently looking for academic positions in computer science, data science, or information sciences. Here is my research statement, teaching statement, and curriculum vitae.