README for version 1.27 of Vim: Vi IMitation.

Vim is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor vi. Only the 'Q' 
command is missing. Many new features have been added: multi level undo, 
command line history, filename completion, quoting, etc. See difference.doc.

This editor is very useful for editing programs and other plain ASCII files. 
All commands are given with normal keyboard characters, so those who can type 
with ten fingers can work very fast. Function keys can be used for macros.

Vim currently runs under Amiga DOS, MSDOS and UNIX. Porting to other systems 
should not be very difficult.

	  tutor/readme - one hour training course for beginners
	 reference.doc - complete reference of all Vim commands
	difference.doc - summarizes the differences with UNIX vi
		 index - alfabetical list of commands
	      unix.doc - remarks for unix
	     msdos.doc - remarks for MSDOS

Vim is Public Domain. You can copy it as much as you like. If you want to 
distribute a modified version of the source code please contact me first.

Installation on the Amiga:
- Put "arp.library" in "libs:" (not required for Amiga DOS 2.0 and later)
- Assign "vim:" to the directory where the vim.hlp file is (for the help 
- With DOS 1.3 or earlier: make sure that newcli and run are in "c:" (for 
  executing external commands).
- Put a shell that accepts a command with "-c" (e.g. "Csh" from Fish disk 
  624) in "c:" or in any other directory that is in your search path (for 
  executing external commands).

If you have sufficient memory you can avoid startup delays by making Vim and 
csh resident with the command "rez csh vim". You will have to put 
"rezlib.library" in your "libs:" directory. Under 2.0 you will need rez 
version 0.5.

If you do not use digraphs, you can save some memory by recompiling without 
the DIGRAPHS option. If you want to use Vim with other terminals you can 
recompile with the TERMCAP option. Vim compiles with Manx 5.x and SAS 6.x.
See the makefiles.

Please send comments, bug reports and suggestions to:

	Bram Moolenaar
	Clematisstraat 30
	5925 BE  Venlo
	The Netherlands

UUCP E-mail:

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