Hello Every Buddy !

    I've finally decided to make up for my apparent indifference to all of you, by bringing
to you some of my most cherished memories over the last four years( to be more precise, Aug 1996 to Aug 2000 ) . Yes , lots and lots of snaps dedicated to all my wonderful friends !

    Well , there's nothing new.. you might have seen these snaps before... but then , it's been such a long time since we even saw each other's face ! Well believe me , you're gonna have a wonderful time looking at these snaps .

    Though I started out wanting to make a biiiiiiig web-page with lots and lots of write-ups and comments and memorable quotes, I realized I didn't have that much time ! So instead , I've just scanned a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge set of photos .

    I did not find the time to sort them or categorize them perfectly .  They are not in any kind of order. But there are plennnnnnnnty of them and you'll never know in which category you'll figure up ! So have a look at all of 'em ( it's gonna take hell of a lot of time , so keep coming over and over and keep exploring... ).

    ..and till I design a better interface , you'll have to just click at the snaps from the directory listing ! ( their naming is also pathetic ) sorry about that !!!!

ok. Here are the links...
General Insti...
Brother's Wedding and My Poonal

Only you guys have been featured . No general "politically correct" kind of coverage.
If you find you're missing in this collection , you have every right to be upset with me - but do mail me at once , so I can see if I can find any interesting pics with you (  I've managed to scan less 50% of my IIT KGP collection ).

Also , I have to admit that the pics look much better "on paper" , though I scanned them at "high" resolution( but low image size ).

This collection is not complete and is essentially centred around my KGPian days.

                                                                   lots & lots of love ,

PS : It'll be great if you could start adding interesting comments to the snaps.. we'll have something very very interesting at the end !

PPS : The other photo gallery continues to feature the snaps I lifted from others' sites !

PPPS : I keep making changes to my page so do drop in frequently ! ( the latest feature is my Madison Photo Album ! )