Licensed To Cool History of Updates:

01-20-05 Started the Biography section off with Gavin Douglas' biography, added some of Gavin's recent mp3s to the Multimedia section, two great new photos added to Gallery, Melody Maker classified ad added to Press section (Thanks Paul Gorman!), and blue label "Only The End..." LP variation added to Discography.

07-27-04 Added a favicon in the form of a blue gun!

03-16-04 "Can't Say No" lyrics update (thanks Tom!). Also added "Teenage Kicks" VA CD to Compilation section of Discography.

03-12-04 Updated the "Gabrielle" 7" release dates. I also added a new LP to the Tribues section, and made an additon to the Beltones 7" there. Also fixed the Ace Records links.

03-07-04 Updated the site to work better with Firefox, Mozilla 5, Opera 7, and Netscape Navigator 7 browsers. Note that with these browsers, you do not get the cool spinning gun on the left... for the full LTC experience, you'll have to use IE w. Windows. I also took off the "frames/noframes" options, now when you go to home (if you have IE on windows), it redirects you to the framed version.

02-17-04 Thanks again to Andy Calvert, who sent me a ton of photos to add to the Gallery. The new Gallery is now split into 5 parts, with the first two including miscellaneous photos, the next two sets of contact sheets from Andy Calvert, and the fifth captures from the "If I Should Fall From Grace" documentary on Shane. I also added another shirt to the "Memorabilia" section of the Discography, and made some minor cosmetic changes throughout the site.

01-26-04 Got 4 more photos for the Gallery thanks to Andy Calvert. Also added a new video clip of Shane and Shanne, and changed all the videos to DivX format. Updated many lyrics, thanks to the tips people have sent me since the last update. Also added a scan of a signed 7" to the discography. I also fixed the 'Bovver Boot' issue... everything now reads 'Bother Boots' (see 'Venus In Bother Boots' lyrics for discussion).

09-18-03 Added the "SKUM" October 1977 zine article to the press archive. Includes a review of the first ever Nipple Erectors gig!

09-16-03 Updated the Discography to include the new Nips CD. Updated some lyrics, and updated the CompleteDisco CD cover to include the two new studio songs on the "Bops Babes..." CD.

09-15-03 Added guitar tabs for the studio version of 'Nobody To Love' and two more pictures to the gallery.

09-08-03 Announced release of new Nips CD by Ace Records. Took the mp3s included on this CD offline. Updated lyrics to 'Stavordale RD, N5', and added guitar tabs for 'Nobody To Love'.

08-28-03 Multimedia files are back online!

08-21-03 Added some info to the Discography for "Gabrielle", "Tits Of Soho" LP, and "Only The End..." LP. Disguised emails in the message board, and added a suggestion to do so for new posts. Changed the contact email to admin(AT) The Biography section will be up soon, as will the mp3s.

01-13-03 One small addition today. Added a pic of the "Those Boogie Knights" CD cover to the Compilation section.

12-20-02 Added an article to the press archive from "Things In General" punk zine 1981.

12-06-02 Added the new Nips CD 'The Tits Of Soho / Only The End Of The Beginning' to the discography.

11-15-02 Added the new Nipple Erectors 7" 'The Lost EP' to the discography, and an article to the press archive.

08-27-02 The Search now works! You can use this feature to search the press archive, lyrics, and other contents of the site for keywords!

08-25-02 Been a long time. A few more photos in the Gallery, and the Discography is finished, complete with Memorabilia section!

04-29-02 Compilation section of the Discography is now finished, including excerpts from a few of the CD booklets, which I also added to the Press section.

04-28-02 Put CD covers in PowerPoint format in the Multimedia page. Now your homemade Nips CDs can look good!

04-27-02 Finished the LP section of the Discography. Improved quality and size of 7" scans. Added a few guitar tabs (Thanks Joel!) to the lyrics sections. Added links to lyrics from Multimedia page. Changed layout of Bondage page. Added one more photo to Gallery.

04-10-02 Posted the "Bondage" fanzine in the Press section, check it out! Also added 2 other new articles, and updated the Cannibalism article to include the whole thing. Some other small changes and corrections made.

01-22-02 Got the cannibalism article (thanks Juergen)! By the date on this article, and Shane's clothes in the pictures, it turns out that the March '77 photos by Ian Dickson were not from the bleeding ear incident! Also added a few more articles (RM 02-16-80, NME 03-08-80, MRR 12-01) and two pictures, thanks to Brad Dins for the MRR article!

12-12-01 The multimedia files are up! Thanks to Chris Martel and WSUM, Madison Student Radio!

12-01-01 Added excerpt about The Nips from the book "The Lost Decade" to the press section and a pic to the gallery. Also announced that someone has offered to host the Multimedia files, and they will be up soon!

11-07-01 The Gallery is up! Also updated the Home page.

11-01-01 Started the Links section, added lyrics for the 10 studio songs, and made some other minor changes.

10-29-01 Added nine more articles to the press section. That's all I have, so that section is done for now.

10-24-01 Added four more articles to the press section.

10-13-01 The message board is up! (I decided to change "guestbook" to "message board")

10-07-01 Added scan of "All The Time In The World" acetate (thanks Christian!).

09-19-01 Added scans of Gabrielle miss-pressing, German release, and test pressing to the discography.

09-18-01 Added another article to the press section, and changed format of photos in articles.

09-07-01 Added a few articles to the press section.

09-05-01 Just got back from my summer vacation in South Africa. Added the Gabrielle 7" with "Licensed To Cool" stamp...thanks to Ciaran!

06-24-01 Going slow. Been working out bugs in the pages. Decided to host it at my cs account. Registered the domain name "" today!!

05-12-01 The discography is almost finished. The Multimedia page is finished. I have also made the site accessible to browsers without frames, Flash, or javascript, and to low-resolution monitors.

05-03-01 The shell of the HTML site is now finished, with the gun finally working properly!

04-10-01 I began redesigning the site in HTML.

03-28-01 I finished the shell of the Flash site, then decided to switch to a mostly HTML site, employing a few Flash elements. I did get the Back and Forward browser buttons to work with the Flash site, but was still unsatisfied with the lower user-friendliness of a site built entirely in Flash.

03-20-01 I began work on the site, originally all in Flash.