The essence of the UW Drumline

    The UW Drumline is about heart, friends, sweat, and tears. It's about pushing your body's physical ability past limits you've never imagined possible. Each member continually developes a stronger character, both phsyically and mentally, while realizing life is only full of challenges, not impossibilities, that can be overcome with hard work.
    It's about intensity, taking everything you've got and leaving it all on the field everytime you're there. Being one of the most phyical drumlines around, it has created a standard for each member that carries personal satisfaction and acomplishments for a lifetime.
    Most importantly, it's about creating friendships that last through both distance and time. As a new member you are thrown into an strange environment with strange people. Thoughout time, the memories created and the friendships formed become the best days and best friends you'll have in your life.
    Finally the University of Wisconsin Drumline is about pride. Pride in yourself, pride in the line, pride in the band, and pride in the University of Wisconsin.

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