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Name: Mun Weng Cheong
Age: 20
Present Location: Madison Wisconsin, USA
Major: Computer Science
School: University of Wisconsin Madison
Field of Interest: Scenery, Night Photography
Years in Photography: 1.5 years

I've been interested in photography ever since I bought my first digital camera - Canon IXUS 330. Before that, I've had two other film cameras, one old primitive manual rewind (not manual camera!) camera and a Canon Prima Zoom 70. Now, I only shoot digital using my Canon EOS 10D and my IXUS. I'm only an amatuer in this field but I would categorize myself as a serious amateur. Do take a look at my portfolio as this site is mainly about it. I am also interested in computers and I enjoy programming. I use graphics programs such as Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop to enhance most of my photos.