a.nkhiyo.n ke jharokho.n se

Song Title: a.nkhiyo.n ke jharokho.n se
Movie Name: Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se
Actor(s)/Actress(es): Sachin, Ranjeeta
Singer(s): Hemlata
Music Director(s): Ravindra Jain
Lyricist(s): Ravindra Jain
Category(ies): Songs about Eyes

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AeK:y:a k J:raK:a s:
, m:n: dK:a j:a s:av:r
t:m: dr n:z:r AaO
, b:_i dr n:z:r AaO
b:d krk J:raK:a ka
, z:ra b:Yi j:a s:ac:n:
m:n: m: t:mhi m:skaO
, b:s: t:mhi m:skaO
AeK:y:a k J:raK:a s:

Ek m:n: T:a m:r p:as: v:a Ab: K:an: l:g:a h
p:akr t:J: hay: m:J: kC han: l:g:a h
Ek t:r B:ras: p: s:b: b:Yi h B:l: k
y:hi um: g:z:r j:aO
, t:r s:aT: g:z:r j:aO

j:it:i h t:mh dK: k, m:rt:i h t:mhi p:
t:m: ha j:ha s:aj:n: m:ri den:y:a h v:hi p:
edn: rat: dAa m:ag: m:ra m:n: t:r v:ast:
khi Ap:n:i umm:ida ka kaI Pl: n: m:rJ:aO
AeK:y:a k J:raK:a s: ~~~

m: j:b: s: t:r py:ar k rg:a m: rg:i h
j:g:t: hO s:aI rhi n:ida m: j:g:i h
m:r py:ar B:r s:p:n: khi kaI n: Cin: l:
edl: s:ac: k G:b:raO
, y:hi s:ac: k G:b:raO
AeK:y:a k J:raK:a s: ~~~

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