pyaar ke dhaage dhaage dhaage to.De nahii.n TuuTe TuuTe TuuTe

Song Title: pyaar ke dhaage dhaage dhaage to.De nahii.n TuuTe TuuTe TuuTe
Movie Name: Ghunghroo
Actor(s)/Actress(es): Kunal Goswami, Komal Mahuakar, Smita Patil, Shashi Kapoor
Singer(s): Manhar, Sadhana Sargam
Music Director(s):

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py:ar k D:ag: D:ag: D:ag:
t:a_ n:hi XX XX XX
j:nm:a k b:D:n: b:D:n: b:D:n:
p:l: m: n:hi CX CX CX

1) dK:a t:mh t:a hm:n: y: j:an:a
hat:i h py:ar ki t:sv:ir ks:i
Os: t:a km: h t:qdir v:al:
ha ej:n:k Kv:ab:a ki t:ab:ir Os:i
ha edl: j:ha em:l: j:aO
s:hra m: eK:l: j:aO
g:l:S:n: py:ar ki
, py:ar k ~~~

2) py:ar h m:ndr py:ar h p:j:a
py:ar s: py:ara kaI n:a dj:a
py:ar h m:ira py:ar h raJ:a
m:r k B:i py:ar ka XX n:a v:ada
den:y:a m: kB:i kB:i
edl: ka em:l: kC
j:iv:n: har
(?) k, py:ar k ~~~

3) da edl: el:K: j:a Ap:n: l:h s:
den:y:a v:a dast:a ks: em:Xa d
s:as:a m: py:ar ki S:m:a j:l: t:a
AaD:i v:a v:Vt: ki ks: b:J:a d
ha edl: y:ha J:k kha
dSm:n: py:ar k
, py:ar k ~~~

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