ik vahii paar lagaae

Song Title: ik vahii paar lagaae
Movie Name:
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Category(ies): Bhajans

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ram: n:am: ki l:X h
, l:X s:k t:a l:X
At: kal: p:Ct:aOg:a j:b:
, )aN: j:aOg: CX

her her j:p: l: m:n:v:a Vy:a G:b:raO
Ek v:hi p:ar l:g:aO
, Ek v:hi p:ar l:g:aO

1) J:Y s:ar j:g: k n:at:
ks: j:g: b:D:n: ka kaX
Ok h s:cc:a n:at:a j:g: m:
s:b: Ap:n: us:k c:rN: m:
hr p:l: y: m:n: )B: k hi g:N: g:aO
, Ek v:hi ~~~

2) t:r n:am: ki m:ehm:a B:ari
m:ira B:I m:ahn: m:t:v:ari
t:ra n:am: el:y:a j:g: n: t:m:
AaO m:rl:iD:r eg:rD:ari
n:am: t:ra Dy:an: t:ra m:r m:n: ka B:aO
, Ek v:hi ~~~

3) m:n: m:ndr Ant:r m: m:rt:
n:n:n: m: hr p:l: t:ri s:rt:
y: t:n: t:ri m:ehm:a g:aO
m:r sv:r m: t: ram: j:aO
s:it:a ram: raD:Sy:am: j:a s:em:r s:K: p:aO
, Ek v:hi ~~~

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