dil-e-naadaa.n, tujhe huaa kyaa hai

Song Title: dil-e-naadaa.n, tujhe huaa kyaa hai
Movie Name: Mirza Ghalib
Actor(s)/Actress(es): Bharat Bhushan, Suraiyya
Singer(s): Talat Mehmood, Suraiyya
Music Director(s): Ghulam Mohammad
Lyricist(s): Mirza Ghalib

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-O-n:ada t:J: hAa Vy:a h
AaeK:r Es: dd ki dv:a Vy:a h

hm: h m:St:aq Aar v:a b:z:ar
y:a El:ahi
, y: m:aj:ra Vy:a h

m: B:i m:h m: z:b:an: rK:t:a h
kaS: p:Ca ki m:ظ Vy:a h

j:b:ek t:J: eb:n: n:hi kaI m:aj:d
ePr y: hg:am:a O K:da Vy:a h

y: p:ri-c:hra l:ag: ks: h
-Aa-uSv:a-Aa-Ada Vy:a h

eS:kn:-z:l:f-Am:b:ri Vy:a h
-c:Sm:-s:rm: s:a Vy:a h

s:bz:-Aa-g:l: kha s: Aay: h
Ab: Vy:a c:iz: h
, hv:a Vy:a h

hm:ka un:s: v:fa ek h umm:id
j:a n:hi j:an:t: v:fa Vy:a h

ha B:l:a kr, t:ra B:l:a hag:a
Aar drv:S: ki s:da Vy:a h

j:an: t:m: p:r en:s:ar krt:a h
m: n:hi j:an:t:a dAa Vy:a h

m:n: m:an:a ek kC n:hi ``^:ael:b:''
m:Ft: haT: Aay:
, t:a b:ra Vy:a h

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