vaishNav jan to tene kahiye je, pii.D paraayii jaaNe re

Song Title: vaishNav jan to tene kahiye je, pii.D paraayii jaaNe re
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Category(ies): Bhajans

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vaishNav jan to tene kahiye je
pii.D paraayii jaaNe re
%    He who knows the troubles of others is a true "Vaishnav" (by which
%    the poet implies the perfect human being...)
par-dukhkhe upakaar kare toye
man abhimaan naa aaNe re
%    He brings happiness to others but still does neither feels proud about
%    it nor needs to be thanked
vaishNav jan to tene kahiye je ...

sakaL lok maan sahune va.nde
%    He worships everybody in the world.
nii.ndaa na kare kenii re
%    He does not criticize anybody.
vaach kaachh man nishchaL raakhe
dhan-dhan jananii tenii re
%    His mother is indeed great who keeps his mind and his tongue 
%    under control. 
vaishNav jan to tene kahiye je ...

sam-drishhTii ne tR^ishhNaa tyaagii
%    He is fair to one and all. He does not covet anything.
par-strii jene maat re
%    Another man's wife is like his mother to him.
jihvaa thakii asatya naa bole
%    No falsehood escapes his tongue.
par-dhan nav jhaalii haath re
%    He does not touch another's  gold.
vaishNav jan to tene kahiye je ...

moh-maayaa vyaape nahii jene
%    He is not affected by attraction to earthly goods.
dri.Dh vairaagya jenaa man maan re
%    His is a firm ascetic by mind.
raam naam sun taaLii laagii
sakaL tirath tenaa tan maan re
%    All the holy pilgrimages are in his body.
vaishNav jan to tene kahiye je ...

vaN-lobhii ne kapaT-rahit chhe
%    He is not greedy. He is devoid of any trickery.
kaam-krodh nivaaryaa re
%    He has conquered lust and anger. 
bhaNe narasaiyyo tenun darshan kartaa
%    Narsaiyyo (the poet Narsimh Mehta) sings that just seeing him
kuL ekoter taarayaa re
%    rescues 71 generations from the cycle of life and death.
vaishNav jan to tene kahiye je ...

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