tuu mere saath chal na paaegii ## mukesh gazal ##

Song Title: tuu mere saath chal na paaegii ## mukesh gazal ##
Movie Name: Non-Film
Singer(s): Mukesh
Music Director(s): Vipin Mehra
Lyricist(s): Shamim Shahabadi
Category(ies): Ghazals

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t: m:r s:aT: c:l: n: p:aOg:i
j:b: m:ri rah t:ri rah s: em:l:t:i hi n:hi
ePr m:ra s:aT: en:B:an: ki z:-rt: Vy:a h
Ap:n:i m:as:m: t:m:aAa ka rb:ar n:a b:n:a
Qv:ab: ePr Qv:ab: h l:b:a ki hqikt: Vy:a h
y: n:I rah t:J: ras: n:hi AaOg:i

m:n: m:an:a ek t:J: m:J:s: m:hbb:t: h m:g:r
m:ri g:b:t: t:ri c:aht: ka edl:a Vy:a dg:i
Ap:n:i m:h,em:
-O-eksm:t: s: p:rS:an: h m:
b:b:s:i ASq
-O-n:dam:t: k es:v:a Vy:a dg:i
v:]t: ki D:p: m: hr c:iz: J:l:s: j:Og:i
t: m:r s:aT: c:l: n: p:aOg:i

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