ye kahaa.N aa gaye ham yuu.nhii sAth sAth chalate

Song Title: ye kahaa.N aa gaye ham yuu.nhii sAth sAth chalate
Movie Name: Silsila
Actor(s)/Actress(es): Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Jaya Bhaduri, Sanjeev Kumar Sashii Kapoor
Singer(s): Amitabh Bachchan, Lata Mangeshkar
Music Director(s): Shiv, Hari
Lyricist(s): Javed Akhtar

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m: Aar m:ri t:nhaI
, AVs:r y: b:at: krt: h
t:m: hat:i t:a ks:a hat:a
, t:m: y: kht:i, t:m: v:a kht:i
t:m: Es: b:at: p: hra hat:i
, t:m: us: b:at: p: ekt:n:i hs:t:i
t:m: hat:i t:a Os:a hat:a
, t:m: hat:i t:a v:s:a hat:a
m: Aar m:ri t:nhaI
, AVs:r y: b:at: krt: h
- - ~~~

y: kha Aa g:y: hm:
, y:hi s:aT: s:aT: c:l:t:
t:ri b:aha m: h j:an:m:
, m:r ej:sm:-Aa-j:an: ep:G:l:t: - 2

y: rat: h
, y:a t:mhari z:lf K:l:i hI h
h c:adn:i t:mhari n:z:ra s:
, m:ri rat: D:l:i hI h
y: c:ad h
, y:a t:mhara kg:n:
es:t:ar h y:a t:mhara Aac:l:
hv:a ka J:aka h
, y:a t:mhar b:dn: ki K:S:b:
y: p:e:y:a ki h T:rT:rahX
k t:m:n: c:p:k s: kC kha
y: s:ac:t:a h m: kb:s: g:m:s:m:
ek j:b:ek m:J:ka B:i y: K:b:r h
ek t:m: n:hi ha
, khi n:hi ha
m:g:r y: edl: h ek kh rha h
t:m: y:hi ha
, y:hi khi ha

t: b:dn: h m: h s:ay:a
, t: n:a ha t:a m: kha h
m:J: py:ar krn: v:al:
, t: j:ha h m: v:ha h
hm: em:l:n:a hi T:a hm:dm:
, Es:i rah p: en:kl:t:
y: kha Aa g:y: hm:

m:ri s:as: s:as: m:hk, kaI B:in:a B:in:a c:ndn:
t:ra py:ar c:adn:i h
, m:ra edl: h j:s: Aag:n:
kaE Aar B:i m:l:ay:m:
, (m:ri S:am: Zl:t: Zl:t: - 2)
y: kha Aa g:y: hm:

m:j:b:r y: hal:at:
, ED:r B:i h uD:r B:i
t:nhaI k y: rat:
, ED:r B:i h uD:r B:i
khn: ka b:ht: kC h
, m:g:r eks:s: kh hm:
kb: t:k y:hi K:am:aS: rh
, Aar s:h hm:
edl: kht:a h den:y:a ki hr Ek rsm: uYa d
div:ar j:a hm: dan:a m: h
, Aaj: eg:ra d
Vy:a edl: m: s:l:g:t: rh
, l:ag:a ka b:t:a d
ha hm:ka m:hbb:t: h
, m:ahbb:t: h, m:ahbb:t: h
Ab: edl: m: y:hi b:at:
, ED:r B:i h, uD:r B:i

y: kha Aa g:y: hm:
, y: kha Aa g:y: hm:

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