Downloading OPT++

Here is a technical paper that describes the OPT++ architecture in detail. It also contains a performance evaluation of various search strategies and optimization techniques for relational and object-relational query optimization. Click here to download (Postscript 896 Kb).

Here is the source code for the basic OPT++ system along with a sample optimizer. The sample optimizer is a fairly complete optimizer that incorporated a number of techniques for object-relational query optimization. This code is freely redistributable. Click here to download. (Tarred and gzip-ed 1.4 Mb).

Here is the documentation and user's manual for for OPT++ and the accompanying sample optimizer. Contains information about how to use OPT++, how to incorporate it in an existing database system, and how to extent it. Click here here to download. (Postscript 347 Kb).

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