Simba: Cloud Infrastructure for Mobile Clients

Mobile data usage is growing rapidly, doubling almost every year. Mobile applications and services are also becoming increasingly data-centric -- relying on storing data locally on mobile devices and synchronizing frequently with cloud-based infrastructure. There are a number of challenges to be addressed in order to meet the growing data demands of users and applications, and to provide a great mobile experience; client battery life, network latency and bandwidth, utilization of carrier networks, and server scalability are some of the important considerations in building cloud-based mobile systems. As part of the Simba project we are rethinking how such infrastructure should be built while taking a fresh look at the interplay between mobile operating systems, wireless networks, data storage, and server architecture in order to support a variety of applications and cloud services.


Invited talk at USC on "Rethinking Data Abstractions for Mobile Apps", 2014 (Host: Ramesh Govindan)
Invited talk at SNIA SDC 2012 on "Revisiting Storage for Smartphones"
Guest Lecture at CMU on "Storage Systems for Mobile Devices" (Slides) (Host: Greg Ganger)
FAST 2012 paper on "Revisiting Storage for Smartphones" gets Best Paper Award
Press coverage in MIT Tech Review, Slashdot, Computerworld

Team Members

Nitin Agrawal (contact)
Akshat Aranya
Cristian Ungureanu


Dorian Perkins (2013, UC Riverside)
Younghwan Go (2013, KAIST)
Shuai Hao (2012, University of Southern California)
Hyojun Kim (2011, Georgia Tech)


Simba: Tunable End-to-End Data Consistency for Mobile Apps
Dorian Perkins, Nitin Agrawal, Akshat Aranya, Curtis Yu, Younghwan Go, Harsha Madhyastha, Cristian Ungureanu
Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Systems (EuroSys '15), Bordeaux, France, April, 2015.

Reliable, Consistent, and Efficient Data Sync for Mobile Apps
Younghwan Go, Nitin Agrawal, Akshat Aranya, Cristian Ungureanu.
Proceedings of the 13th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies  (FAST '15), Feb 2015, Santa Clara, CA.

Mobile Data Sync in a Blink
Nitin Agrawal, Akshat Aranya, Cristian Ungureanu.
5th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Storage and File Systems (HotStorage '13), San Jose, CA. June 2013

Building a Delay-Tolerant Cloud for Mobile Data
Shuai Hao, Nitin Agrawal, Akshat Aranya, Cristian Ungureanu.
14th International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM 2013), Milan, Italy. June 2013.

Simba: A Data Cloud for Mobile Clients
Nitin Agrawal, Akshat Aranya, Shuai Hao, Cristian Ungureanu.
NEC Labs Technical Report, October 2012.

Revisiting Storage for Smartphones
Hyojun Kim, Nitin Agrawal, Cristian Ungureanu.
ACM Transactions on Storage (TOS), Volume 8, Issue 4, November 2012.
Available as:  PDFBibTeX

Building Storage Systems for Mobile Devices
Nitin Agrawal, Hyojun Kim, Cristian Ungureanu.
3rd Annual Non-Volatile Memories Workshop (NVM '12), March 2012, San Diego, CA.

Revisiting Storage for Smartphones
Hyojun Kim, Nitin Agrawal, Cristian Ungureanu.
Proceedings of the 10th Conference on File and Storage Technologies  (FAST '12), Feb 2012, San Jose, CA.
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Best Paper Award

Examining Storage Performance on Mobile Devices
Hyojun Kim, Nitin Agrawal, Cristian Ungureanu.
3rd ACM SOSP Workshop on Networking, Systems, and Applications on Mobile Handhelds  (MobiHeld '11), Oct 2011, Cascais, Portugal.
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Can we improve the mobile experience by redesigning storage?


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