Akichika Ozeki (Aki)

(updated : 2019/03/31)

Email: ozeki "at" wisc.edu

Current Status: Project Statistician at a Pharmaceutical company

Recent Award/Activity:

  • One of the invited speakers for the international conference "Pioneering Workshop on Extreme Value and Distribution Theories In Honor of Professor Masaaki Sibuya", 2019/3/21-3/23, Instutue of Statistical Mathematics, Japan. Note: Special thanks for the peer review, Prof. Porter and Prof. Miura. Link

  • Contributed to negotiations with PMDA (Japanese version of FDA) by implementing a nice clinical trial design in 2018 (about 1 million dollor saving). Note: Project name=top secret. Concept of theoretical statistics can have huge impact to real world problems in various way.

  • 2017 Lilly Innovator Award. I did something in EXCEL (about 1 million dollor saving). Note: Programming experience in IBM helps me in non-programming projects. Link

  • Best Presentation Award at The International Forum on Mood and Anxiety Disorders (IFMAD) 2015/Dec (within top 4 out of 40). (Presentator Dr. Tokuoka. Significant Supervision by Dr.Kuga [medical doctor]) I came up with a new statistical method of applying PCA to extract improvement patterns on depression symptom. Link

Research interest: Asymptotic Statistics. Machine learning. Rank. Extreme Value. Kernel. Quantile Regression

Advisor: Prof. Doksum, Kjell.


  • Doksum, K. and Ozeki, A. An analysis of extremes. (201?) Really coming soon...

  • Doksum, K. and Ozeki, A. Rank likelihood methods for extremes. (201?) Maybe coming soon...

  • Doksum, K. and Ozeki, A. Asymptoticalley optimal tests in models with boundary parameters. (201?) Coming soon...

  • Kjell Doksum and Akichika Ozeki,  Semiparametric Models And Likelihood-the Power Of Ranks.The Third Erich L. Lehmann Symposium, Rice University Volume, to appear (2009):Link

  • Kjell Doksum, Akichika Ozeki, Jihoon Kim and Elias Chaibub Neto, Thinking outside
    the box: Statistical inference based on Kullback-Leibler Empirical
    Projections, Statistics & Probability Letters (2007):Link


  • Master: Operations Research

  • B.S.: Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Information Engineering

Working experience:

  • Summer 2011, PA for Prof. Doksum.

  • Spring 2010, Instructor for ST301 (Intro. Statistical Methods.) Link.

  • Fall 2009, TA for MATH 320 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations.)

  • Fall 2009, Grader for MATH 431 (Introduction to Probability.)

  • Summer 2009, PA for Prof. Doksum.

  • Spring 2009, PA for ST771 (Statistical Computing, Prof. Newton.)

  • Spring 2009, TA for ST224 (Intro. Applied Stat. For Engineers.)

  • Fall 2008, TA for ST301 (Intro. to Statistical Methods.)

  • Summer 2008, PA for Prof. Doksum.

  • Spring 2008, TA for ST424 (Stat. Experimental Design), ST224/324 (Intro. Applied Stat. for Engineers.)

  • Fall 2007, TA for ST312 (Intro. Applied Stat for Engineers.)

  • Summer 2007, PA for Prof. Doksum.

  • Spring 2007, TA for ST333 (Applied Regression Analysis.)

  • Fall 2005- Spring 2007, RA for Prof. Kendziorski.

  • Fall 2005, RA for Prof. Newton.

  • Before coming here in Fall 2004, I worked at an IBM branch near Tokyo in Japan for 
    years. My advisor was Mr. Scott Trent. My job was to provide UNIX technical 
    consultation services for IBM engineers and customers.


  • RHCE (RedHat Certified Engineering,) December 2001, Linux administrator 

  • AIX V4.3 Administrator, December 2001, UNIX administrator certification. 

  • DB2 UDB Advisory, August 2002, Database administrator certification. 

  • CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate,) April 2003, network certification.


  • Japanese (native)

  • German Proficiency Test 3rd level (200 hour study level,) October 1996.

  • French Proficiency Test 3rd level (200 hour study level,) July 1999.


  • Who's Who In America, 2011, and 2010 edition. (Invention of Rank methods). Thank you for sharing your research time with me,@Prof. Doksum !

Personal interest:

Major :

  • Book: Any kind of field attracts me. Journalism, history, literature, science, biography, 
    politics, and art.

  • Piano: More than 4000 hours were devoted. My progress is non-linear. Recent try =Robert Schumann Intermezzo from Carnavale de Vienne op.26

  • Full-contact karate: Started from undergrad. 


  • Badminton. Social Dance. Ski. Judo. Short Run (10km =42min30sec, in 2013) Sports in general. Drawing.